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Drug Abuse


Early use of drugs increases a person’s chances of developing addiction. Remember, drugs change brains—and this can lead to addiction and other

serious problems. So, preventing early use of drugs or alcohol may go a long way in reducing these risks.


We prevent young people from experimenting with drugs, thus preventing drug addiction.

Risk of drug abuse increases greatly during times of transition. For an adult, a divorce or loss of a job may lead to drug abuse; for a teenager, risky times include moving or changing schools.

In early adolescence, when children advance from elementary through middle school, they face new and challenging social and academic situations. Often during this period, children are exposed to abusable substances such as cigarettes and alcohol for the first time.

When they enter high school, teens may encounter greater availability of drugs, drug use by older teens, and social activities where drugs are used.

Our prevention programs work to boost protective factors and eliminate or reduce risk factors for drug use. The programs are designed for various ages and can be designed for individual or group settings, such as the school and home.

There are three types of programs:

    Universal programs address risk and protective factors common to all children in a given setting, such as a school or community.
    Selective programs target groups of children and teens who have factors that put them at increased risk of drug use.
    Indicated programs are designed for youth who have already begun using drugs.


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